18th Birthday Gift Ideas For Him

 H ere are some 18th birthday gift ideas for him that are sure to please any guy– computer nerd or football jock!

Playstation 4 (Pre-Order)

Make one lucky guy among the first to have the latest Playstation masterpiece– the PS4! Any gaming fan is dying to get their hands on this newest system, especially considering Playstation makes the highest quality, and versitle gaming system. Watch Blue-Rays, scan NetFlex, or surf Amazon movies on your PS4, use it as a gaming device and store your favorite movies and photos– the options are endless and the reasons guys and gals want the PS4 are obvious! You can only pre-order the device now, but might as well do so because it will make for the best 18th birthday gift around!

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Restuarant Gift Card $50-$100

18-year-old guys are typically doing a lot of dating right about now– therefore, this gift card will help them out as dates get expensive. If the dating scene isn’t going hot at the moment, this gift card will still come in handy when he is out with his buddies having a good time.

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Nixon Watch

Young men find nothing more ‘hip’ than a Nixon watch– and for good reason, these watches carry some serous style. If you gift a Nixon watch for an 18th birthday you will be known as the best gift-giver around!


Nixon Gold Watch $365

For the guy with bolder, more flashy style, this Nixon watch will make a timeless 18th birthday gift idea.

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Nixon Cannon Watch $130

For the more laid back, and under-the-radar type guy, this Nixon watch makes for a more fitting selection.

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Birthday Boy Cologne

Men need cologne, and know they need cologne, but it’s not often on their priority list to run out and buy it– getting a bottle of top-notch designer cologne is rather exciting and will defiantly earn him compliments with the ladies in the future–for which he will have you to thank!

Truth By Calvin Klein $26

A casual and calming scent– thanks to hints of lavender, this cologne is perfect for the laid back guy.

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Prada Men’s Cologne $65

This cologne is better suited to the guy who fancies 5-star dinners, flashy cars, and the aroma of the rich and famous.

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Nike Kicks $65

These bright kicks are the latest and greatest fad for young adult males– they will be greatly appreciated as an 18th birthday gift idea. While some guys might not be brave enough to buy the bright colored shoes on their own, they will greatly appreciate the addition to their wardrobe.

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Nike+Stand Alone Sensor Kit $20

If the birthday guy that you have in mind is active and enjoys running, this will make an excellent 18th birthday gift idea, that is if he has an iPod or iPhone. Synching the two devices he will easily be able to track his time and distance, pace and calories burned– among many other awesome features.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 $300

This large, vibrant, and fully functional tablet is a lot of bang for your buck– plus it’s guaranteed to be considered the best 18th birthday gift any young man receives!

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