Eco-Friendly and Vegan Gift Ideas

 G oing green is all the rage, and for good reason—if you don’t watch what you purchase you will be part of the problem instead of the solution in terms of preserving our beautiful planet! By purchasing eco-friendly items we help increase the sales of companies that are trying to do the right thing, and by doing so we set an example for others to follow. Our only other option is to poison the very planet we need to survive—not a wise decision if we want humanity to continue on its quick path of progression.

Even if you are not a green maniac yourself, if you have a friend that does adhere to all things vegan and organic, make sure to accommodate their lifestyle by purchasing an eco-friendly gift. All of these gift ideas are 100% amazing but what makes them even better is that they are also environmentally friendly and vegan– something you can brag about while your friend opens their present!

Corkor Men’s Wallet $39

This Corkor men’s wallet is the perfect gift idea for vegans; it’s not easy for vegans to find a good wallet that they like, considering most high quality wallets are made of leather—aka cows. For a vegan, eating meat and wearing skin is off limits, therefore this eco-friendly wallet will appeal to their senses in more ways than one! Buy Now!


Adidas Stella McCartney Vegan Flats $80-$100

Stella McCartney is a high-end designer with an eye out for the animals, all of her gorgeous boutique items are made leather-free. Stella’s line is carried at stores like Neiman Marcus, leaving most unable to afford her fashions; thankfully though, she has teamed up with Adidas to create an affordable, eco-friendly line that make great vegan gift ideas!

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Karma Bracelet $80

This dogeared karma bracelet will make a perfect gift for someone that is environmentally friendly, it’s not easy to be green—nor is it cheap! Yet all of the hard work one goes through in hopes of bettering the planet will benefit them through great karma.

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Slow Cooker + Book

If you know a vegan that is struggling to come up with enough food ideas to sustain what feels like a healthy diet, they are not alone. The decision to turn vegan is often harsh at first, especially as newbies dig to uncover the new foods that fill them up. If the vegan you have in mind already has the crock-pot, the vegan slow cooker cookbook will be greatly appreciated alone!

The Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook $14

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Crock Pot $50

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Vegan Shoes For Him & Her

It is very difficult for vegans to find shoes, as almost all popular styles are made using the skin of animals, otherwise known as leather—a definite no-no in any vegan’s personal handbook!


Saucony Vegan Shoes For Men $33-$58

These Saucony vegan shoes for men make an excellent gift for style-conscious guys, or just someone who really needs new shoes!

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Tom’s Earthwise Vegan Shoe For Women $54- $60

Not all Tom’s shoes are vegan, but the ones from the Earthwise line are. These vegan shoes are made from sustainable materials; no animals were harmed in the making! Plus, Tom’s are collectable—you can never have enough pairs! Buy Now!



Bungalow 360 Vegan Wallet $16

Any one of the vegan wallets from Bungalow 360’s latest collection of fun prints will make the perfect vegan gift idea, with so many different prints to pick from there is something everyone is sure to adore! Plus, no cute critters were harmed to create these canvas wallets. Buy Now!


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