Best Halloween Costumes for Adults

2013 Halloween Costumes For Adults

The type of costume you wear says volumes about your personality and what you are seeking from Halloween this year. For example, those that want to dress like a celebrity wish to share some of the notoriety and success of their favorite star, often they are craving more attention in day to day life. For those that dress up in scary costumes, it’s often said that they have fears they wish to gain some control over, in which case a chance to dress up as a zombie or monster can actually be therapeutic. And what about all those sexy halloween costumes that are oh so popular amongst young women? Those looking to show some skin are likely more conservative in dress and behavior every other day of the year, and are searching for some sexual freedom and excitement, if only for one guilt-free night.

No matter the real motives behind your 2013 halloween costume, here are some of this years best halloween costumes for adults.



Second Skin Full Body Suit $40

These are showing up everywhere this year as a popular costume choice. The reason this is a best costume is because you can do so many things with it, letting your imagination lead the way! This suit comes in many colors and many sizes, all of which add or subtract from the final cost. Good to know, the head zips off easily without removing any other part of the suit, and without taking it off you can still breathe and see through a little too.




Horse Mask $28

1,000+ positive reviews can’t be wrong about the quality of this halloween horse mask. Wear it alone as an easy go-to costume, or go all out, finding partners and other pieces to create a matching horse body!




Women’s Vampire Costume $200

You will get stares all night wearing this regal full length ball gown; it is like living out two fantasies in one: wearing a big amazing old-time dress and being a Vampire!




Men’s Vampire Costume $32

Dress up as a vampire couple, or for all you single guys out there, enjoy the attention male vampires receive.




Nicki Minaj Costume $50

Sure the girl pictured below looks nothing like Nicki Minaj– in fact you can probably fake it better than her; and wearing this cool adult costume it won’t be hard!




Men’s Pimp Costume $24

A pimp is a classic costume that is often overdone, but when you find just the right adult pimp suit, then suddenly an old costume just got a breathe of fresh air.




Queen of the Nile Women’s Costume $36- $46

Wearing a gorgeous dress on Halloween makes everything that much more fun! Be the Queen of the Nile in this adult costume.




Queen of Thrones Costume $40

A sexy take on the classic Queen costume, wow the room while remaining classy in this Queen of Thrones costume.




Ghostbusters Inflatable Costume $34

This hilarious inflatable Ghostbusters jumpsuit even includes a battery operated fan! The only warning is that you might be mistaken for the Michelin Tires Mascot 😉




Zombie Housewife $34

The real housewives are feeling a little hungry tonight… for some blood!




Zombie Makeup Kit $30

Don’t let your amazing zombie costume be overlooked because of a lackluster makeup job! Your old bright blue eyeshadows and dark lipsticks crammed under the sink are not going to cut it for this costume. A zombie makeup kit will have your face looking just as dressed up as your body.




The Walking Dead Mask $28

I personally only got through the first season of The Walking Dead, although I realize I’m not the norm as most people have become as addicted to the show as zombies are to live meat. This one size fits most adults Walking Dead mask will liven up your halloween, and likely scare a decent amount of small children.




Rubber Cat Suit $115

I’ll admit it: I’m obsessed with faux-leather (and real leather) body suits– how can you not be? They lift the booty just so and look so good on– that is if you find the right one. Although I know, from years of searching, that finding one that fits well and has good reviews is harder than a jawbreaker; although this suit pictured below takes the cake for customer reviews. Enjoy being anything from Cat Woman, to a cat with whiskers, to Lady Gaga when you add this faux-leather cat suit to your costume wardrobe.




Mermaid Fitted Gown $51- $130

This mermaid gown has been spotted on several celebrities, including Heidi Montag from The Hills. If you are looking for a fun and sexy costume all in one, this mermaid is your dream adult costume!




Adult Anime Cosplay Halloween Costume $28

Pajama-like costumes are all the rage this year, comfortable and yet still unique enough to capture attention in a room full of wild costumes, this costume is especially fitting for anime fans.




Men’s Dog the Bounty Hunter Adult Costume $24

Be sure you get a peach blonde wig to go along with this Dog the Bounty Hunter costume for men.




Men’s Mad Hater Costume $36-$86

The Mad Hater costume allows you to let your inner crazy out for the night, act as odd as you want, celebrate some half-birthdays, and be sure to eat your cup of coffee– the whole thing, yes, the cup included!




Wolverine Adult Claws $11

Wolverine fan? Or just like the idea of wearing weapons on your fingertips?




The Hulk Costume $60

When you see someone coming at you in this big green suit you can’t look away; delight everyone you meet and become the Hulk of Halloween this year!




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