Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

If you forget Valentine’s Day, a woman  will never forget nor forgive.  If you buy a woman  a great Valentine’s Day gift she might forget  in a few years.

While neither seems like a winning pick, the first is clearly the worst of the two. Plus, while great gifts might be forgotten a few months from now, say when you are caught out at that strip club, they will definitely pay off on Valentine’s Day, and likely for some time thereafter. If you love your lady–which you should if she’s your Valentine–then why not break the bank and splurge a little? Having troubles juicing up the Valentine’s Day spirit? Imagine yourself single with no one to spend the day with, all of your buddies  busy with their own girlfriends and wives, and you’re bored, horny, and lonely. Now doesn’t Valentine’s Day with your lady sound so much more exciting!? Great, time to shop!

Wow her this Valentine’s Day with a gift from the heart. Enjoy these best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her…


Long Stem Red Rose $61

This long stem red rose is dipped in 24k gold and comes inside of a beautiful gold gift box. Let your lady know the two of you will be together as long as this rose lives…which will be forever, so long as no one breaks it…

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2 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings $4,000

Enjoying your recent stock portfolio gains from last year, or just feeling generous? Then these are a big deal pair of earrings that every woman who fancies jewelry secretly thinks she ‘needs.’ Make her day–heck make her year with these glamorous Valentine’s Day diamond earnings!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Basket $50

For less serious couples, or those who have only recently started dating it can be awkward trying to decide what to buy each other for Valentine’s Day. You don’t want to be over the top and creep her out, but you also don’t want to disappoint and come empty handed–or only with roses (sigh). This gift basket is full of fun treats and will appear thoughtful without going overboard.

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I Love You Romantic Pillowcases $30

No one can deny how adorable these pillow cases are–plus why not promote more pillow-talk? These romantic pillowcases make for a super-sweet Valentine’s Day gift idea.

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Key To My Heart Necklace $64

This beautiful necklace is a great deal because it is sterling silver as opposed to gold–which is whatever considering the cost of gold is going down anyways. There are a total of 40 small round diamonds placed around the face of the heart, making this necklace sparkle with love.

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Heart of the Ocean Necklace $200

This beautiful necklace is designed to look like the necklace from Titanic–you know the one the old lady threw into the ocean, the one Kate Winslet wore? This necklace is gorgeous and it also has mighty romantic roots. If you and your significant other have enjoyed Titanic together this is a great gift idea for her this Valentine’s Day. While it is beautiful, at this price please be warned it is only costume jewelry.

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Valentine Pajamas $40

Women can never have enough pairs of pajamas! The great thing about Valentine’s Day themed pajamas is that they can be worn all year and still be seasonable–after all, hearts and love never go out of style.

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Jewelry Armoire Chest $170

Do you buy her jewelry every year, are piles of her diamond studs and onyx bracelets stacking up? Perhaps it’s time you help your main squeeze get organized with a standing armoire jewelry box. This gorgeous piece will make for a decorative accent in her bedroom or closet, plus it will store all of her jewelry safely and conveniently. When you gift this Valentine’s Day surprise, it won’t  hurt to hide a new piece of jewelry for her collection inside– just saying.

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Author: Becky

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