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oga is good for mind, body, and soul; when I first began practicing it was extremely challenging and there were times I thought I wasn’t made for it—but then, something extraordinary happened; me—someone who was always very unbalanced and stiff, unable to do even 1 push up—I began to gain strength, loosen up, tone up, and see physical changes to my body I never thought possible. So while yoga is still a constant challenge, and sometimes I can’t wait till my instructor gives the command to release a pose, the benefits far outweigh the burn! Not to mention, yoga practice carries into everyday life creating a more focused, centered, and rational individual. Quickly gaining popularity, yoga is a beloved sport by both men and women worldwide—meaning there are plentiful yoga gifts available at all price points.

If you or someone you know is a yoga lover, here are some gifts for yoga lovers sure to please!

Yoga Poses Pewter Magnets $19

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Yoga Frog $21

This is a great yoga gift idea for those that adore frogs—this green little guy is pretty cute, and not mention rather flexible.

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Personalized Yoga Cell Phone Case $17

Order this iPhone case, personalized with any name on the back for an excellent yoga gift idea; available in many colors.

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Sara Holiday’s Prenatal Yoga $6

If the person you are seeking a yoga gift for is currently pregnant, there is no better gift than this prenatal yoga DVD starring Sara Holliday. I practice under Sara’s lovely guidance, and so I know first hand just how accomplished she is at teaching yoga to all levels of yoginis.

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Om Modern Music For Yoga Flow $10

Yoga lovers are always on the search for new music to flow to in their Vinyasa portion of practice. This modern yoga flow music CD will make for a unique yoga gift that is appreciated beyond words.

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Yogitoes No Slip Yoga Towel $50

While most yoga lovers already have their own beloved mat, this yoga towel is something quite different and exciting; this ‘towel’ is really just like a yoga mat but it allows hipsters and nature lovers to practice yoga, slip-free, from unique landscapes, such as the beach! With so many fun color selections, this yoga gift is superb for all.

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The Yoga Bible $17

No matter how many lessons one takes at the local Yoga studio, it’s impossible to know EVERYTHING about the many different posses, as every yoga teacher is slightly different and uses their own variations. This Yoga Bible will clue any level of yogini into new things they will be glad to know, all thanks to you!

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Yoga Bag $35

I gifted this very yoga bag to my own mom recently and she just loves it—before she’d stumble into yoga class with her arms full of gear—now, she keeps it all conveniently tucked inside of this awesome bag, slung over one shoulder. Any yoga lover will get plenty of use and adoration out of this yoga bag by Aurorae.

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Lotus Candle Om Incense Burner $18

This lotus candle makes a great yoga gift idea for 2 big reasons:while ‘om’ is commonly related to yoga, the lotus flower is another great inspiration to those that practice, as the Lotus is the most beautiful flower, although it rises out of the muddiest, most swampiest waters.

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Alex and Ani Bangle Bar ‘OM’ Bracelet $25

Alex and Ani make amazing bangles, and this one in particular will make a great gift idea for yoga lovers.

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Think Peace Leather Zen Bracelet $20

Yoga is all about finding inner peace, meaning this ‘peace and zen’ bracelet is a perfect yoga gift idea; stacking bracelets of this style up and down ones’ wrists is especially on-trend for tweens, teens, and young adults right now.

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Yoga Dogs Calendar For Yoga Lovers$6

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Yoga Cats Calendar For Yoga Lovers $6

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