Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

May 12th is Mother’s Day, and after all of the hard work mothers put into their families, she rightly deserves an excellent present. While a sentimental, hand-written, card is something mom will appreciate most, there are great gift ideas that will make her cry nearly as much as your note!

You can always take the emotional route and find a gift that is personalized to mom, these type gifts are always big winners—especially when the personalized item is useful, or adds to your mother’s daily life. Anything that you gift your mom will serve as a reminder to her of you, therefore find something that symbolizes your relationship, and instantly that Mother’s Day gift becomes even more special.

Sterling Silver Loving Family Heart Necklace

This Sterling Silver Necklace is perfect for moms who have 3 children! It is made in America and comes with a lifetime warranty, making this beautiful necklace worth every penny!

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Mother Daughter Bead Charms

This mother and daughter charm set does not come with the chain but if mom already has a charm bracelet they will fit on any 3mm Cable European Charm Bracelets.

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Mother’s Day Unique Pillowcase

This unique mother’s day gift is absolutely lovely! The image of the girl and mother twirling around together beside the words: “Thanks For Showing Me How!” is perfect for mother’s to receive on Mother’s Day.

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A Potted Plant

Mom has given you the seeds to grow, so give her a beautiful ceramic pot and plant her favorite type of flower inside. This gesture will mean so much to her and as that plant grows throughout the next years, so will her love for you! This pot is available in a number of colors and patterns for $48.

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Michele Watch

Every woman lusts after a stylish Michele Watch, therefore make her Mother’s day extremely special by purchasing your mom this dream watch! Of course, this will take a bigger budget—the gold watch pictured below retails for $1,225 but is currently listed at the discounted price of $782.

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Perfect Mother’s Day Coffee Mug

“I’m A Mom, What’s Your Super Power?” This adorable coffee mug is sure to make mom smile when she opens it on Mother’s Day!  Listed at $17

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