Oct. 24-Nov. 21

Scorpio common features:

Element: Water
Ruler: Mars 
The main gemstone: 
Black Opal

Personal qualities: Metaphysical. Destructive and regenerative. Passionate and violent. Insightful and profound. Occult.

Scorpio and Health

People born under Scorpio are quite often strong-bodied and enjoy good health throughout their entire life. However some of Scorpios may begin life quite slightly built and these individuals do have a tendency to put on a great deal of weight in later life. Known as the sexiest sign, Scorpios suffer from sexual tension. Their emotions run very deep and their physical needs are great.
Their weakest parts in youth are the genitals, but in later life it is the heart which should concern them most. Scorpios should be wary of putting too much effort into any form of exercise or endeavor. Scorpios would benefit from drinking Cranberry juice as they tend to suffer from bladder and urinary disorders.
Diseases: Uterine and menstrual disorders, prostate and venereal disease.
Body parts and organs: Genitals, prostate and uterus.

Scorpio and Wealth

Perhaps the most passionate about their work is the Scorpio. Like Virgos and Capricorns, they are very serious about their careers and are devoted to their work. They never lose sight of their achievements and determination is the key word to describe a Scorpio at work. Their willpower and strength means they will clash with others and they often approach a work situation with it’s all or nothing approach in order to control the environment and those in it. The Scorpio boss is devoted and very thorough. However, the down side is that one may not always know what they are thinking about their co-worker or the job itself.
Typical careers include: Medicine, Sex Therapy, Detective Work.
They are also good Magicians, Astrologers, Alchemists, Surgeons, Undertakers.

scorpio necklace

Scorpio and Love

Love is a continuous struggle for Scorpions. The are sexually uninhibited, yet at the same time, they are often mentally suspicious and rather fearful. This means that they are constantly trying to unite the physical and spiritual sides of love with a mixture of eroticism and purity. Sadly, this means they are rarely satisfied.

Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio is most compatible with: Capricorn and Virgo.
Scorpio is fairly compatible with: CancerPisces and Taurus.
Scorpio is least compatible with: AquariusLeoLibra and Sagittarius.

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