Pisces Gift Ideas For Her

February 19- March 20

Pisces are not judgers;  in fact they are openhearted individuals that are full of love and compassion. Able to adapt to a number of different environments, the Pisces is a rather bendy friend that you can take along anywhere without fear of them acting inappropriately. Instead, they are capable of assessing a situation and then acting accordingly, making everyone they come into contact with feel comfortable and even special.

While Pisces enjoys a good thrill and is always up for adventure, they are not the best leaders of these adventures—or anything in life. Although smart and highly capable, Pisces thrives off of being lead by other strong individuals in the work place, as well as in friendships, and romantic relationships. This is what makes the Pisces such a complicated sign, their ability to do so much and be so confident, yet they still desire the comfort and protection of another person telling them what to do.

In fear of letting anyone down, Pisces is notorious for saying yes to almost anything; since they hate let-downs themselves, they don’t want others to go through with it either—this boils down to their strong sense of compassion. Still, regardless of their need to please you won’t be pushing any Pisces around as easily as you may assume, instead they are strong individuals that don’t stand for being pushed around—at least not for long!

Truly able to feel what others around them do, the Pisces sign is known as the most intuitive of all other signs. This is how Pisces got the reputation for being into the spiritual side of life—a stereotype that is not far off in regards to many Pisces. Despite Pisces enlightened nature, they can all too easily start to feel bad for themselves and are notorious for throwing pity parties—as their friend, do everything you can to suck them out of it, but chances are it will have to faze out on its own. When Pisces is paired with a truly compatible partner, someone that is strong and supportive, they are less likely to fall back on their weak traits, such as becoming lazy and feeling sorry for themselves.

Pisces is a people-pleaser so make sure to return their endless favors with a proper present!


Pisces Gift Ideas For Her


Pisces is always searching for that inner-peace, something that an array of candles can help with!

Natural Crystal Salt Lamp

Plug this crystal salt lamp in and just like a candle it practically glows, only instead of burning to completion this lamp will go and go—just change the bulb inside. The crystal itself admits light therapy and removes negative ions in the air, helping to reduce stress and anxiety and bring out that inner peace deeply buried within us all.

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Everlasting Glow, The Candle that Never Dies

These candles never burn out and you can change them on and off with the portable remote control.

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everlasting glow candles



October Hill Decorative Candle

Yes, this is really a candle, although it does instead look like a delicious intoxicating ice cream induced beverage!

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Spiritual Knick-Knacks

Once again paying tribute to the spiritual side of Pisces, any home décor or jewelry that has underlying meaning makes for an excellent gift idea.


Hand Carved Wood Sitting Buddha Statue

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Nameste Necklace

Any Pisces that enjoys meditation will understand the significance of the word Namaste. Namaste means: the divine light in me, bows and honors the divine light in you. This silver plated necklace will keep the power within this one word close to Pisces’s heart.

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Sterling Silver Star of David Necklace

Under $20 and absolutely beautiful, this is the type of piece women love to wear over and over again.

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Slipper Sensation!

Known as the ‘foot’ sign, many Pisces are said to have feet fetishes. Pamper the toes of your favorite Pisces by purchasing them a pair of cozy pajamas for their feet!


Cupcake Footies

These cute slippers are cozy, adorable, and they come in a variety of fun colors!

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Ugg Slip On Slippers

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Acorn Fun Colors Slippers

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Fish Aquarium

Inside a fish tank lives a world of its own, fish are full of curious habits and puzzling behaviors that perhaps make you think twice about your own lifestyle. Gifting an aquarium allows Pisces to enjoy and explore not only with their eyes, but with their mind as well.

5 Gallon Tank

A tank of this size is surprisingly affordable, just make sure that you select fish that all get along to live inside—no seriously, fish can get crazy!

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1.5 Gallons Tetra Water Wonders Aquarium Kit

This tank is made for beginnings—basically it makes it easier to care for your fish than ever before.

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Built-in Wall Aquarium

If you’ve got the bucks to spare, why not make it count with this wall Aquarium. While the gifted will need a place to put it, it sure is awesome to think about having something like this in your home—talk about regal!

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