Avanti 1.7 cu ft Refrigerator

A decent miniature fridge for any small dwelling, the Avanti has 1.7 cubic feet of well-used space. When used in a temperature regulated environment, complaints remain at a minimum.

Using every 1.7 cubic feet of space provided, there is a spot for even your larger, more obtuse refrigerator items, such as those 2-liter bottles. These will fit comfortably on the door shelf. Just because this Avanti fridge is small doesn’t mean it’s lacking anything in terms of modern convenience, you can change the temperatures and settings to anything you prefer! The wire shelving is also adjustable, allowing you to store a myriad of items with ease. There is also a special spot that you can put your items in that you’d like to get colder—in fact this designated space is like a miniature freezer within your miniature fridge! By turning it to the coldest setting, you can keep some frozen goods inside.

Avanti Mini Refrigerator Conveniences


Featuring a reversible door, you can turn it whichever way is most convenient for your setting. When purchasing a mini fridge it is typically for a smaller space, say a dorm room or New York City style apartment, therefore this added function is truly beneficial! While some mini refrigerators tend to be noisy despite the small amount of contents within, this fridge works with sophisticated technology that keeps the noises at a minimum. This fridge is free standing, you don’t need anything but an outlet to plug it into—no fancy built-in necessary!

Climate Sensitive Refrigerator

These refrigerators are best used indoors; it is not recommended for use in trailers or other semi-outdoor locations, where temperatures easily climb up and over 80 degrees. When kept in an insolated and shaded environment, this fridge has no problems using a small amount of power all the while keeping very cool.  Yet when exposed to high heat or direct sunlight it can go from fridge to microwave.

This fridge is not recommended for use in RVs or when plugged into a cigarette lighter. According to combined customer feedback, you will need the full-blown power of a house outlet to get the up-most use out of this fridge.

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