Aquarius Gift Ideas For Him

January 21- February 19

Aquarius is a kind-hearted friend who, for the most part, has the urge to please those that they come into contact with, making them into a quick favorite at school and in the work place. Aquarians desire to please also carries over into the work that they produce, their curiosity for knowledge and desire to do everything just right makes them into ethical leaders in a number of industries.

Aquarians tend to hang around like-minded people, therefore if you spend a lot of time with an Aquarian you might start to realize just how alike the both of you are. Most Aquarians have more power when working in groups; some even say that they have ‘power over the people’ which makes them prominent group leaders. Perhaps this has something to do with how much people adore being friends with Aquarians, and for good reason. Aquarians tend to put their friends above all else, dropping everything if you ever need their attention or help. Yet, because they don’t always like to address the most difficult issues at hand, they tend to distance themselves if they feel socially rejected. Still, when times become bleak they are able to bull through—making the most of the situation until life begins to improve.

Aquarians are deeply intelligent individuals but they can be distracted by the finer things in life—like say a designer pair of shoes or the latest sport car. To hit on both aspects of their personality, try purchasing a gift that is both nice to look at but that is also a touch sentimental. Known for reminiscing over the past, allow your gift to highlight a special memory. No matter what gift you settle on, put a hand-made spin to it. Write a touching paragraph on the front cover of the book or tie a sentimental phrase to the clasp of a boxed necklace. Adding something that makes an Aquarian feel appreciated and loved will polish any gift into perfection.

Despite their lovely nature, beware that Aquarians are also known for their high expectations. Rumor has it that when it comes to birthdays they can quickly become disappointed when all does not go as planned. As Aquarians age they typically become aware of this, for some people this means that they actually dread birthdays because they fear the looming disappointment. Prove your favorite Aquarius wrong and give them a holiday worth remembering—for good reason!


Aquarius Gift Ideas For Him

Personalized Towels

Especially if the Aquarian male you adore lives alone, it’s not likely that he has a bunch of nice towels sitting around. Although, who doesn’t like a nice new towel to dry off on? This is listed under the male gifts but women won’t mind getting a set of monogramed towels either!

100% Cotten Monogram Hand Towels, Set of 6

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100% Cotton Monogram Bath Towel

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The Manly Man’s Gift Basket


Tool Box Full of Treats

Meats, treats and more are all packed inside this rather manly paperboard tool box.

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Beef Jerky Gift Basket

For the men who can’t get enough beef jerky, this Buffalo Bills Beef Jerky Gift set and Cooler is sure to delight.

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Cha-Ching: Great Gift Cards

Gift cards are often seen as less personal, but that does not have to be the case whatsoever. Since Aquarians have rather high expectations, a gift card is truly the ideal present– here’s why: when you get a gift card the excitement is far from over because the real gift has yet to be purchased. Just make sure to pick a gift card from a place that you know your Aquarius loves!


Amazon Gift Card

If you are unsure where they like to shop, an Amazon gift card is your best bet. Not only do many items ship out for free, but customers can safely buy everything from computers to iPhones to Free People clothing– basically anything you want is competitively priced for sale on Amazon.

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Home Depot Gift Card

Perfect for someone who has their own home or who has recently moved, although most men can’t get enough of the dim lighting and rows of hardware Home Depot has to offer– regardless of where they live.

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Chili’s Gift Card

For drinks, food, and fun Chili’s is a popular spot. Foot the bill the next time Aquarius goes out by gifting a Chili’s Gift Card.

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The Ultimate Brief Case

Aquarius have good taste in fashion, as they are very drawn to the nicer things in life. Therefore, a good brief case will be much appreciated.

Samsonite 2 Gusset Brief Case

15.6″ and complete with two gussets, this classic Samsonite briefcase is a real steal at under $100.

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 Olympia Business Laptop Case

This is not just any laptop case, large enough to fit many other items, this trim looking carry-all is great for the office or airport or anywhere in between! The best part? It does not even cost over $50!

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Kenneth Cole Reaction Bag

This Kenneth Cole bag is absolutely stunning, it easily looks like it costs a couple hundred dollars. The real price point though is actually much lower at under $90! This bag is great because it is versatile, awesome for traveling across the globe or across town to the office.

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