Top Holiday Gift Ideas 2013

The Most Coveted Holiday Gifts of the Season!

Everyone is going to tell you that their product is the best holiday gift of the season, but the truth is that no one will know what items actually sell the most (and don’t get returned) until 2013 is a thing of the past. In order to find holiday gift ideas sure to please friends, lovers, and family, look towards the newest and most buzzed about products. Or, as with the first gift idea on this list, look towards classic favorites with a newly added surprise.  

Ugg Australia Women’s Bow Boot $205- $220

Sure, we’ve all gotten Ugg boots for the holidays one year or another, but these new Ugg boots with bows going down the back bring a whole new wow factor to the classic boot. For any girl or woman who adores bows and/or draws hearts over her i’s, these boots will make the best gift idea for the holidays! Price varies depending on color and size.   Buy bowuggs  

Smart Android Camera $340

Instagram obsessed? Can’t stop checking Facebook? If someone you know LOVES to take photos and then upload them onto social media, this Smart Android camera is just about the coolest gift you can buy for them. Most phones have lack luster cameras and those that have improved megapixels usually lack the memory to store many large picture files, therefore no matter how nice someones phone is, this camera will make their social media life explode. Their pictures will be clear and amazing and then easily uploaded to any Internet platform. Buy smartcam


GoPro Hero3 $330

A Go Pro is one of the most popular toys for both kids and adults this year. In general, it is a camera that can be easily strapped onto helmets and other sporting accessories; a Go Pro allows everyone the chance to film themselves doing sports and crazy stunts from a unique first-hand perspective. Buy gopro  

Karma Jewelry $30

Culturally we are slowly changing to a more accepting society, one that believes you get back what you put out into this world. Karma is a big deal to people and the word itself holds strong meaning, this Karma bracelet is trendy and cool but at the same time so much deeper than that. Buy redkarma  

House of Harlow Bangle Bracelet $50

I’m personally a sucker for House of Harlow jewelry; all of my pieces have held up well and look really good on! Women love to stack bracelets, therefore bangles will be a popular gift idea this holiday season; although it’s the gold plated accents on this particular bracelet that will make it the envy of all! Buy hohbrace  

PS4 $450

The most anticipated holiday gift idea, the PS4 is only available for pre-order but every video game fan (from young to old) is already buzzing nonstop about it. Give someone a gift they will never see coming, grant them a chance to be one of the first lucky people with a new and improved PS4. Buy ps4  

Grand Theft Auto 5 $60

Available for playstation and Xbox, this game is extremely popular amongst many age groups and was only recently released on the market, meaning there’s a chance someone you know wants it but does not have it yet. Not recommended for children though, Grand Theft Auto includes loads of violence, sexual content, and bad language. Buy grandtheft  

Apple iPhone 5C $600

Buy iphonecpink  

Crockpot Slow Cooker $30

A crockpot is a great holiday gift idea this year for a number of reasons. First of all, healthy eating is on trend right now, and secondly people that work all day don’t have time to cook healthy elaborate meals– that is unless they have a crockpot! Buy crockpot  

Dyson Vacuum Animal Version $594

A vacuum isn’t usually the first item on anyones Christmas wish-list but a Dyson vacuum is in another league all together. A Dyson literally puts some fun into cleaning, while also making carpets, and hard surfaces too, so much cleaner! Buy dyson  

Michael Kors Purse $275

Skip the Coach bag this year, according to the company’s latest earnings report, Coach is not so popular right now. Another designer with similarly priced purses, and much better revenues, is Michael Kors. His bags are unique and gorgeous and come with a sense of status, without the price tag of a Louis Vuitton or Gucci. Buy mkpurse  

Chanel Women’s Watch $4,480

If you are looking to splurge, there’s nothing women love more than Chanel. Chanel is iconic, it is never discounted, and very few actually own something made by the luxury brand. While a Chanel wallet, purse, or pair of sunglasses will get any lady teary-eyed with joy, this watch will practically make her pass out with excitement! If you have the dough, this is one of the BEST holiday gifts for 2013. Buy chanel

Vitamix $380

Give someone the gift of health with a Vitamix. This high power blender makes smoothies, ice cream, soups, and so much more using extremely powerful blades that will literally puree  anything. Buy vitmix  

65 Piece Tool Set $40

If it’s your husband or significant other that you  buy this 65 piece tool set for, you are sure to benefit just as much as they are– imagine all of the home improvement projects that will suddenly be possible! Buy toolset      

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