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The blazing color flashes of the opal are only half their charm. Reputed in medieval times to be the secret to becoming invisible they were a prized gem. Bestowing the wearer with sexual attraction, confidence and heightened psychic powers, no wonder opals are a timeless classic.

Description: Made up of large percentages of water the spectacular colors that glint inside these gemstones are actually oxides and silicates trapped in the structure of this mineral.

 Power Qualities of Opal Healing Stones:

  • Instills faithfulness and confidence
  • Opens the third eye to channel psychic abilities
  • Soothe headaches
  • Regulates insulin
  • Is a uterine tonic
  • Instills hope
  • Reputed to be a cloak of invisibility!

Color: Ranging from milky white through blazing reds and oranges to the rarest black, opals come in an abundance of dazzling colors; but the magic of the opal lies in the shimmering flashes of colored light inside the gemstone.

Varieties: The finest and most rare opals are black with luminous colors flickering through. The more common opals are white, sometimes referred to as milk opals.  These make up about 90% of the available gemstones. The most popular opal stone however, are the smoldering red and orange fire opals which have radiant blues, pinks and greens running through them to create an artistic and eye-catching effect.

Birthstone: The opal is the birthstone for people born under the sign of Libra which is September 23rd to October 22nd. Find a gift for him or her!


Wedding Anniversary: Opal is the traditional semiprecious stone for the 14th wedding anniversary, some sources also say the 18th.

The Healing Qualities of Opal Stone: Use opals to ease headaches, especially when you feel something is blocking your intuition. Opals open the third eye and help you see things with heightened clarity. Opals also calm uterine pain, ease childbirth and reduce premenstrual syndrome, help to facilitate change and instill hope, self-worth and confidence.

Opals also regulate insulin and can be more effective than other complementary medicines which can adversely affect the insulin balance. Opals are therefore a useful tool for people who have diabetes.

Types of Opal Used for Healing:

  • Blue green opals are used to encourage openness and to look at things from a different perspective. They negate bad thoughts and opinions.
  • Pink opals help people to balance the give and take dynamic, especially those who gives too much to others and keep little for themselves.
  • Black Opals are like sparkling stones of charisma. They emanate a burning hot, sexual attraction and send psychic awareness through the roof!


Opal Mystical Powers: Look at the opal in your lover’s ring and instantly you will be able to read their mood.  Opals sparkle more vibrantly when the wearer is happy, then fade and dull in times of melancholy.

Opals are extremely powerful gems, having all the powers of the colors in them. For example if a milk opal has flecks of blue and pink, it will have the qualities of sapphires and rose quartz.

It is said that if you wrap an opal in a bay leaf and hold it in your hand you become invisible. For this reason it gained the name Patronus forum – the patron of thieves. Blue opals allow you to enter into the realm of faeries and nature spirits.

The History of Opal Stones: An opal is the most ancient of semi-precious stones and formed when dinosaurs roamed the earth 80 million years. Ever since that time they have been highly prized.  The French Crown Jewels display many opals including a blazing fire red one given to Josephine by Napoleon.

In medieval times an opal was considered to be a lucky charm, but in 1829 everything changed for the gem. An opal was worn by the Baroness of Arnheim, the heroine in Walter Scott’s tale “Anne of Geierstein.”  The enchanted gem worn in her hair, burned bright red when she was happy and turned gray as she saddened. The story tells a drop of holy water fell onto the opal and the color immediately drained from the brightly colored gemstone. She died soon after. The book was popular but halved sales of opals for the next two decades.

The Name’s Origin: The word opal is reputed to come from the Greek word upal meaning “noble stone” and before that from the Sanskrit word for “seeing”.

opal beadCare and Treatment: Opals have water content of anywhere between 3 and 21% so it is important to ensure they do not dry out.  Do not leave them anywhere too hot or in direct sunlight as they will dry and crack. Detergents will have the same effect.  To clean them lightly polish with a soft cloth.

Opal Around the World:

The majority of opals (in particular the beautiful black ones) are mined in South Australia.  They are also mined in lesser numbers in Brazil, Mexico, Slovakia and some parts of the US, especially Nevada and Idaho.

The Ideal Gift: Opals are a beautiful gift for a young woman who is experiencing a transition in her life.  Perhaps she is going to a new school or university and is unsure of herself.  Opal will be her best friend. If you have a friend or a wife who is about to give birth, opals will ease the pain, and likewise, opals are the perfect gift for people with diabetes.

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