Magic Chef 1.1 cu ft Digital Microwave MCM1110ST

The Official Magic Chef Digital Microwave MCM1110ST Review

Just like Toyota makes Lexus and Honda makes Acura, kitchen appliances work under a similar hierarchy. The Maytag Corporation makes Magic Chef appliances; therefore you are able to purchase a microwave made using similar designer processes and ideologies at a much lower cost.  

The digital Magic Chef microwave (model number MCM1110ST) has a digital interface that is easy to use, releasing up to 1,000 watts of power depending upon which of the 10 different power levels you set it at. It also has the rotating tray so that food is cooked evenly on all sides, just be sure yours is properly placed on the tracks, especially after a cleaning, otherwise you will hear your microwavable dish slipping and sliding and clunking around in there. Being that it is easy to use, it is a great option for those that tend to struggle with modern technology; although far from complex, this Magic Chef does include the important things like a popcorn button and the option to defrost meat by weight.

Appearance & Size

The LED display takes the microwave from mundane, to futuristic, making it an affordable upgrade for your kitchen. While the majority of the device is made with a silver wrap to keep costs down for the consumer, the front is a genuine stainless steel.

It is 1.1 cubic feet, which is just below the largest microwave sizes sold, it is not a teeny tiny microwave—it is a full-size that fits almost anything—including a whole turkey!

A Common Problem Resolved

Hurting the overall consumer rating of this well-priced microwave is a common misunderstanding among users. The settings on this microwave make it so that they go in 30-second intervals, don’t let this trick you into thinking you have to cook things for 30 seconds at a time. When you hit a number on the keypad, the microwave immediately turns on—instead of assuming the thing does not work, simply press the power button and THEN click in the time you prefer and on it goes, your food is cooking at any time interval you prefer. This can really stump people up since most microwaves work opposite, where you input the numbers (time) before pressing the power button.

Do You Get What You Pay For?

The jaw dropping price point that this microwave is sold at can make some wonder if there’s a reason for the low cost. Of course, paying more might get you fancier buttons or a couple extra years of use, it also might get you nothing more at all. This microwave offers a lot for hardly any investment on your part. Although, I won’t tell you it’s perfect because no appliance is– here are the main concerns consumers face, for those that are not incredibly nit-picky these are minimal faults for a great low cost.

– The light remains on even if not in use when you leave the door open—it does not automatically turn off. To some, this is actually a positive because it aids in the cleaning process, which any homemaker knows can never be put off with a microwave if one wants to avoid a serious mess later.

– It’s not as quiet as other units, it does hum loud enough to be heard—while some complain, others just expect a little noise with any microwave, especially one under $100.

– You might have to wait a few extra seconds for your food to finish, this microwave is not as quick performing as more pricey models, as it takes the upper end of estimated time ranges to defrost or cook something.

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Magic Chef Warranty

While the manual is not the easiest thing to understand, in fact according to some customers it seems to be written by someone just grasping the English language, the warranty is fairly substantial. In fact, this microwave comes with an 8-year warranty for the Magnetron and a 1-year warranty on parts and labor provided through the MC Appliance Company. Wal-Mart also guarantees all of their products for a short period of time, if you purchase the extended warranty through Wal-Mart, they will remain loyal to the product for another 3 additional years.


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