Samsung French Door Refrigerator

Affordable Luxury: The Samsung French Door Refrigerator

Model Number: B003PCKVUE

This Samsung French Door Refrigerator has 18 cubic feet of space and wears a stainless steel platinum coat that looks incredible from all angles. Being one of the best sellers of the year, it becomes a common query whether this fridge is all hype, or truly worth the stellar price it is offered at through Amazon. This machine is energy star efficient and makes ice, but that’s only the beginning. Leave the door open too long, an alarm well sound, alerting you before any food gets spoiled or energy is wasted. Twin cooling systems, power freeze and power cool features, plus filtered cooling features put the luxury in this fridge.

Perfect Fridge for Small Kitchens

Time and time again those with small kitchen spaces complain that no fridge is built for their dimensions; thankfully, Samsung has now built a fridge to solve the crisis! This fridge works best for someone who has a smaller amount of space (depth wise) in their kitchen. In a smaller kitchen, a normal sized fridge will dominant the space, consuming a large majority of the available space. With this Samsung French Door Refrigerator you will have the look of a very expensive fridge but it’s small enough to slid into compact spaces. Best of all, the cost of this fridge far supersedes its competing models, making it affordable for many who thought they couldn’t have the French Door Refrigerator they’ve been dreaming of.


The Downsides

The knobs and handles within the fridge can be touchy, use the wrong force or tug at a slightly tweaked angle and you might find a handle in your hands! While this can be truly irritating, rest assured that these handles can almost always be plopped right back into place. Also, with a little practice you’ll figure out how to use just the right touch on your fridge so that it’s problem free. For some, the great price point available on this fridge makes up for any miner inconveniences that might arise.

While the small size comes in handy for those with a smaller kitchen, this does produce slight problems in terms of storing taller items such as liter bottles or water pitchers. Helping to a certain degree, the shelving is adjustable and for such a compact space the design is superior and allows for a lot more storage space than other fridges of its size. Of course, at a price point nearly $1,000 under comparable models people have to wonder how reliable this fridge really is… we give it a 7/10 for reliability—while some people enjoy no problems at all from their Samsung French Door Fridge, a smaller percentage of other consumers are dissatisfied as they have encountered technical troubles with their unit, often with the cooling feature potent to a fridge’s purpose.

Affordable & Covered by a Warranty

For the price, this is a great looking fridge that will keep your food fresh and offers many well-thought out spots for organizing. It comes with a one year warranty on parts and labor plus an additional 5 year warranty on all sealed systems and parts, including labor.



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