diamondDiamonds Transform Your Life with Creativity and Love

Diamonds take all the plaudits in the gemstone world, but they have much more magical energy than will improve your life than a simple fashion accessory. These most valuable of gemstones represent faithfulness, creativity and ingenuity and will fill your relationships with love. Not only do diamonds sparkle with beauty they possess a pure love energy and help the process of personal and spiritual growth.

 Description:  Diamonds is the hardest of all mineral and is created from pure carbon in volcanic regions. They are one of the purest crystals produced by nature and have a strong structure due to the atoms be tightly bonded. They are generally formed in octahedral, trapezoidal and dodecahedral shapes.

 Power Qualities of Diamond Healing Stones: 

  • Prevents heart diseases
  • Immense love energy
  • Promotes creativity and ingenuity
  • Balances metabolism
  • Helps treat Leukemia and skeletal problems


Color:  It their most perfect form diamonds are colorless and feature special fire patterns. However, they are found in all manner of colors including white, black, pale pink, yellow, red, orange, green, blue, and brown. There coloring is caused by impurities of certain elements such as nitrogen.

Varieties:  There are many types of diamond, many of which are famous throughout the world. The best known is perhaps the Hope Diamond due to its extreme rarity and striking blue color. Needless to say, it is very expensive.

The most common type of diamond found in jewelry is the Jubilee diamond which took its name after the gemstone was faceted into a cushion for Queen Victoria´s diamond jubilee in 1897.

Another famous diamond is the Cullinan diamond which was the largest uncut diamond to be discovered in the world. Discovered in 1905 at the Premier mine in Transvaal, South Africa it weighed a massive 3,106 carats and was later cut into over 100 stones.

Birthstone:  Diamond is the traditional birthstone for Taurus and Libra.

Wedding Anniversary:  Diamonds are traditional presented on the 60th wedding anniversary.

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The Healing Qualities of Diamond Gemstones:  Diamond has several healing qualities and is especially good for the heart. It will stimulate the glands of the endocrine system and is used to heal capillary bleeding, skeletal problems and leukemia. It is also useful to help people with addictions, particularly smoking and eating disorders. It will also help balance metabolism.

Types of Diamonds Used for Healing:  Diamonds are a strong amplifier and all common varieties are used for healing purposes. White or clear diamonds have stronger emotional vibrations and can be used for connecting mind, body and spirit when striving for excellence and developing skills.

Mystical Powers of Diamonds:  Diamonds stir the mental powers and have been used in spiritual meditation for thousands of years. It helps the mind become detached from thought so you can distance yourself from the material realm more easily. Ancient Hindu text associate diamonds with the planet Mars, God of War, thus was a favorite gemstone of warriors going into battle as it offered them protection and strength.

Diamond is regarded as the most powerful crystal in the world of metaphysics and is labeled the King of all Crystals and Gemstone of the Masters. It will open more doors in the spiritual plane than any other gemstone and will bring abundance and fulfillment to the life of anybody who uses it to attract their personal desires.

The History of Diamond Stones:  Diamonds are mentioned in numerous accounts of the ancient Vedic scriptures of India giving rise to the belief they were first mined in this part of the world. The mystical power of diamonds was recognized in India around this time also and the precious gems were hailed as spiritual icons. The diamond gained most notoriety in the 19th Century when it featured in Queen Victoria´s Jubilee. Improved cutting and polishing techniques and successful advertising campaigns saw a sharp rise in production as it became more popular around the globe. In the 20th Century gemologists created a system to grade the stone which is based upon four characteristics, carat, cut, color and clarity – otherwise known as the four C´s.

The Name’s Origin:  Diamond gets its name from the Greek work, adamas, meaning I overpower, or I tame which is subsequently translated to invincible and thus favored by soldiers going into battle.

diamond ringCare and Treatment:  Colored Diamonds require special handling in order for them to keep their color.

Diamonds Around the World:  Diamonds are found in many parts of the world as they grow naturally in volcanic areas of the Earth´s crust. These precious stones have been discovered in no fewer than 35 different countries although the largest exporters are Russia, South Africa and Botswana. They are also mined in the US states of Wyoming, Arkansas and Colorado.

The Ideal Gift:  Given the clichés associated with diamonds, any girl would love a diamond gift – but men also appreciate the gem. Given that it improves all aspects of life anybody and everybody is a prime candidate to buy diamonds for.

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