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Obsidian was used for thousands of years as a way to access the Netherworld. As such it was revered by the ancients, so prized it was one of the most sought after currencies of the day and was often used for bartering. Obsidian offers protection of the highest order.


Obsidian is a natural glass formed from volcanic lava. It has the same chemical composition as graphite but cools so quickly it has no time to crystallize.  It has a very reflective and smooth surface which has played a part in it powerful past.

Power Qualities of Obsidian Healing Stones: 

  • Absorbs negative energy from the environment
  • Clears confusion
  • Lifts trauma
  • Brings compassion and strength
  • Encourages self control
  • Aligns the mind, body and spirit
  • Dispels negative thoughts
  • Is a tonic for the veins and circulation
  • Releases muscle spasms
  • Rids the body of bacteria
  • Restarts stagnated development


Color:  Obsidian is usually a glossy black but impurities in the tone can also make it deep red or gray.  Gas bubbles within the stone shine in the light and give it a lustrous golden sheen.

Varieties:  Grey obsidian with white markings is known as snowflake obsidian. If the gem has the golden sheen it can be known as Rainbow or Sheen Obsidian.

Birthstone:  Obsidian belongs to the sign of Sagittarius. Find a gift for him or her!

obsidian snowflake necklace

Wedding Anniversary:  Obsidian is not associated with any particular wedding anniversary.

The Healing Qualities of Obsidian Stone:  Obsidian releases trauma. It helps you to deal with emotional and physical fall out which is left behind after an upsetting or shocking experience.  Memories lodge in our muscles and obsidian releases the spasms they cause. It also helps a person to look at the mental processes they have adopted from these experiences and helps them to recognize negative thought patterns.

These lessons, whether karmic energy from a past lives or something that has developed in this incarnation, usually comes with some degree of pain.  Obsidian supports and pillows the person through their journey of change. This gem invigorates the circulation, tones veins and helps hardened arteries.  It will warm the extremities of the body.

Types of Obsidian Used for Healing:  Snowflake obsidian helps a person to value the mistakes they have made in their life as well as the successes. It helps them to regard these incidents as learning experiences on their journey to today. 

The wearer comes to understand that change does not necessarily mean loss.

Obsidian Mystical Powers:  The message of obsidian comes from understanding that life and death are one, they are intrinsically linked.  In the same way, so are our mind, body and spirit.  It aligns our three selves to allow a wholeness of healing. Obsidian like all black stones is believed to entrap negative energies from the environment.

obsidian braceletThe History of Obsidian Stones:  Long revered in Mexico, obsidian has a fearful reputation.  In the 13th century Aztec mirrors were fashioned from obsidian to be portals to the underworld. It was believed deities communicated with their subjects through the double sided mirrors, making their wishes known to the world.

In 1967 archaeologists working at the site of Tlapacoya, southeast of Mexico City, uncovered a blade skillfully made of obsidian. When analyzed it was discovered to have a radiocarbon date of about 21,000 BCE.  In shamanic ritual obsidian is used for cutting the flesh for drops of blood to fall into a basket of paper which is then burned as a sacrifice to the gods.

Native American Indians have a different thought about the black of the obsidian from which they made their arrowheads.  To them black does not signify death but instead it is the color of soil and therefore of life.

The Name’s Origin:  Obsidian is thought to be derived from the name of the Ethiopian that discovered it, Obsius.

Care and Treatment:  Although very sharp, obsidian is also very fragile.  Avoid hard knocks. To clean, leave under a cold running tap for some minutes to clear the negativity it absorbs.

Obsidian Around the World:  Dark, smooth pieces called Apache Tears are found in Arizona and New Mexico.  Over time they have been weathered and rounded off by water. The most well known sources of obsidian are Mount Hekla in Iceland, the Eolie Islands off the coast of Italy, and Obsidian Cliff in Yellowstone National Park. It is also found in Hawaii, Japan and Java.

The Ideal Gift:  This is not your every day gift – it is for a person who in a bad place, perhaps a loved one who is suffering from the effects of abuse or a grieving friend.  It would make a powerful aid for anyone who is undergoing therapy, in particular Cognitive Behavioral therapy or in fact someone who is trying to release an addiction.

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