Justin Bieber Gifted Cars

Perhaps the reason Justin Bieber got so carried away speeding from Paparazzi a few months back, is because he feels just about invincible- taking more risks with a $150,000 car than most will take in their beat-up Ford Fusion! Then again, what has he got to worry with cars for? In the last year he has been gifted more than 1 exotic sports car… Cars that most old men who have worked their whole lives can only drool over.

As Miley Cyrus told Marie Claire magazine, it’s not hot to drive a nice car when you’re old, it’s hot when you are young. Biebs is looking ultra hot then thanks to Diddy, his Manager, and Usher.

Diddy forked over a $200,000 white Lambo Spyder

While Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, and mentor, Usher, decided to go with practicality… giving Justin the first all-electric sports car. The powerful beauty costs well over $100,000. The awesome gift was awarded to Justin publicly on the Ellen DeGeneres show.



Author: Becky

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