High School Graduation Gift Ideas For Him

Finding the right gift for a high school graduate is so difficult because high school kids are downright picky! Oftentimes, what seems cool to everyone else is completely uncool to teens.

Regardless of the struggle finding the right high school graduation gift poses, the task is worth the mission. High school might only be the start of education for some, but it’s still a great deal of work and a wonderful accomplishment. Only 69% of America’s youth graduates with a high school diploma, therefore this graduate is special in many ways.

Knowing what is ahead for any graduate is also important when buying the right graduate gift, are they going away to college, starting a new full time job, or traveling abroad to get some life experience? Not only do these questions answer something about the graduate in general, but it will also help you find a gift that goes well with wherever the future is taking them.

Use these great graduation gift ideas for him and you will be well on your way to properly congratulating the new high school graduate!

Video Game Gift Ideas For Him

Sure video games might be hated by many adults who say they are too violent or that they only keep kids indoors, but after graduating high school teens deserve some fun and boys, for the most part, love playing video games!


PS3 Bundle $250

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Just Dance 4 $28

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FIFA Soccer 13 $40

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Handheld Game Device $41

If you know that the graduate plans to do some traveling or commuting post-graduation, this handheld gaming device will make for an excellent graduate gift idea!

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The North Face Backpack $70-$105

If college is in the near future, or if the graduate just likes to go on adventures, such as hiking, this North Face backpack makes the perfect graduate gift. A backpack of this quality will be greatly appreciated and perhaps otherwise unattainable.

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Sports Illustrated $39

Give the graduate something fun to read, like a Sports Illustrated subscription they will thank you for every month when it comes in the mail.

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Popcorn Machine $70

If the graduate is about to move away to college, this popcorn machine will be very popular in his dorm room or apartment!

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Apple iPad with Retina Display $515

Blow the socks straight off any graduate with the latest Apple iPad with Retina Display. This tablet will give him so many opportunities—with work, future education, any creative endeavors, and of course for everyday fun!

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Kinivo Bluetooth Headphone $30

Wearing those small little earphone buds can be irritating; these Kinivo Headphones are so much more comfortable and offer Bluetooth technology, making them an excellent graduate gift for him.

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Gourmet Gift Basket $30

Males don’t get gift baskets as often as females do, although any high school graduate will love getting this gift basket packed with so many types of goodies! He will love spending his first few weeks of summer picking from the never-ending selection of truffles and chocolate bars!

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Gurin Massage roller $23

If the graduate plays a lot of sports he will greatly appreciate this massage roller proven to treat muscle pain while also increasing strength.

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