blue zirconZircon Will Change Your Life 

Zircon is a radiant sparkler which dazzles in all the colors of the rainbow.  It´s ability to attract wealth, magnify sexual attraction and open doors to other realms, zircon is the most potent of the semiprecious stones and will change your life.

Description: Zircon has a high refractive index rating and is regarded as one of the most important semiprecious gemstones – often confused for diamonds. There extreme brilliance is combined with an impressive dispersion of spectral colors.

Power Qualities of Zircon Healing Stones:

  • Attracts wealth
  • Builds sexual attraction
  • Opens the doorways to other planes of reality
  • Allows you to distance yourself from problems.
  • Imbues common sense

Color: Zircon can be found in many different colors. Natural zircon is not color-treated and can be found in rare rose and rose-orange from Tanzania together with orange and orange-brown from Cambodia. Green zircon is also very rare whereas yellow is often heat-treated to improve its color.

Varieties: Zircon is quite widely used in its three varieties. The first is called Jacinth which was very popular in classical antiquity. This is found in clear, transparent red, orange, and yellow colors. The blue variety of zircon is called starlite or Siam Zircon.  The third colorless variety is known as Ceylon or Matura diamond.

Birthstone: Zircon along with turquoise is the birthstones of Sagittarius. Find a gift for him or her!


The Healing Qualities of Zircon Stone: Zircon has antispasmodic effects. It has a particular affinity with the liver and gall bladder. Respiratory difficulties are also aided by zircon, especially bronchitis and asthma where there are problems with constriction.

Types of Zircon Used for Healing: All zircon gems have healing abilities. The more natural varieties are more efficient than those having had any degree of human intervention. Brown is good for curing headaches, especially where the patient feels “out of their skull.” Brown zircon is very grounding.

Colorless zircon clears the aura and gives strong protection and used with yellow stones helps to induce sleep in times of stress and will act as an aid against insomnia. Red zircon is also a soothing stone and eases pain, especially ear infections.

Zircon Mystical Powers: Zircon is a stone of great charm and charisma and will imbue these qualities in the wearer, flushing you with an aura of sexual energy which attracts love. Its power also promotes success in business. Green gemstones attract new friends and will coax money whereas violet zircon is an absolute money magnet and you can expect a good source of cash flow. Zircon draws energy down through the crown to the base chakra and invigorates sluggish energy. It also enables you to distance yourself from problems and get a better perspective on how to organize yourself. This gem will open portals so you can get to know your spirit guide, and pink in particular will help astral travel during sleep.

zircon5The History of Zircon Stones: Zircon is mentioned in ancient Hindu literature as leaves hanging from the Kalpa Tree.  This brightly shining bejeweled tree was described by poets as a gift from the gods. It is also found in Jewish legend which says that Zircon was the name of the Angel sent to watch over Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

The Name’s Origin: The name Zircon is derived from the Persian word, Zargun which means “golden colored.”

Care and Treatment: Zircon is a relatively hard gem with a hardness rating of seven.  They will however chip quite easily so store gems in separate boxes from one another.  To clean zircon put it into dry sea salt once a month. This will discharge negativity and recharge the gem. Rinse them off with cold water.

Zircon Around the World: Zircon can be found on most sandy beaches across the globe.  It also sits in gravel deposits of streams and pools in Indonesia and Burma. Excellent caliber deposits of the gem are found particularly in Australia, India, Brazil, Florida and New Zealand. Large crystals are also found in Norway and Quebec.

The Ideal Gift: Zircon is a generous gift to someone who has ear, respiratory or liver problems and because of its draw of money is ideal for loved ones embarking on a business adventure. But zircon is a delightful treat just for you, especially if you are looking for love – remember, zircon will change your life!

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